What is DHEA sulfate?

Under biological science terms DHEA sulfate is a short form of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate which is also known as DHEAS. Medical description of DHEA sulfate explains that it is a human body hormone which is secreted or produced by the adrenal glands of both men and women and the main enzyme which helps adrenal glands to produce DHEA is zona reticularis. The most common use of DHEA sulfate in medical science is to treat patients with autoimmune health conditions for instance type 2 diabetes, depression and lupus. DHEA sulfate is also available on the market in health supplement forms which you can take to enhance energy level, reduce body stress, treatment for insomnia and as an antidepressant medication as well.

Side Effects of DHEA Sulfate

People, who are taking DHEA sulfate supplements prescribed by doctors for the treatment of various health issues, have also reported noticeable side effects of DHEA sulfate. For instance some people have reported that after consuming DHEA sulfate doses they have noticed the size of their testicles have reduced significantly and they feel over aggressive by their behavior at times as well. On the other side some women have also reported DHEA sulfate side effects which include, breast tenderness, irregular menstrual cycles. In rare cases there are also some reports which indicate that, sudden hair loss, weight gain and indigestion problems are also associated with the side effects of DHEA sulfate doses.

There are several medical science and clinical researches and studies conducted on the subject of DHEA sulfate side effects on human body and the results are pretty much on the scary side. Extremely high level of DHEA can create decreased insulin sensitivity level which further leads to type 2 diabetes disease. On the other hand women with higher and lower level of DHEA sulfate are prone to have polycystic ovary syndrome which leads to depression and anxiety like mental health conditions.

According to a recently conducted medical science studies related to DHEA sulfate and its effects on human body revealed that oily skin type and lower instances of obesity are caused by high level DHEA sulfate which can be associated with DHEA production in human body or because of taking DHEA sulfate supplements as well. In women there are some noticeable effects of DHEA sulfate which may cause increased chances of breast cancer and ovarian cancer as well.

Some men and women, specially those who are into sports like weight lifting and bodybuilding take high doses of DHEA sulfate to build fast muscles mass and pump up their bloodstream for heavy weight lifting. However, medical science researches are always against such use of DHEA sulfate because after a particular age you will see harmful side effects of DHEA sulfate, which could lead to severe health problems and diseases.