What Causes High DHEA Levels?

DHEA is the most important steroid hormone produced in human body system by adrenal glands and the reason for that is because DHEA work as prohormone or precursor for more than 55 hormones. The role of DHEA in human body is extremely important because it has the ability to convert various specific types of hormones for the body, which are required to create hormonal balance and to maintain the core functions of our body as well. Although both low and high level of DHEA can be a problematic health condition, but still low DHEA level cases are more reported compared to high level DHEA cases. In this article we will be discussing about different factors and reasons involved with the high level of DHEA in human body and given below are some of them -

Over Stress & Busy Lifestyles: Recently conducted research by Delta Body System revealed that over stress problem, modern lifestyles, heavy office workload schedules and excessive emotional depression are the main reasons behind the increased level of DHEA in our body. Aside that there are other factors involves with high DHEA level which include particular medications, aging process, pollution and toxic waste in our body as well.

Androgen-Secreting Tumors: In recent past years this is the most common cause of high DHEA level in women. It generally occurs when there is a tumor developing in the ovary as well in the adrenal glands situated at the top of both kidneys in human body. On the other side, this is a rare case scenario and usually affects to women who are close to 50 years age mark. Because of Androgen-secreting tumors, the level of DHEA production in our body increases and then It creates health conditions like excessive hair growth, irregular menstrual cycle in women, acne, and tenderness of breast as well.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: This is the 3rd most common cause of high DHEA levels in women and because of that nearly 10 millions of women in the United States are affected with polycystic ovary syndrome. Generally this is a common hormonal imbalance problem for child bearing women and in rare case scenarios, girls under 10 years age may also be affected by polycystic ovary syndrome.

Type 2 Diabetes: As we are aware of the fact that DHEA is used as a medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes because of its ability to control the blood insulin level, and that is the reason why patients with type 2 diabetes history are more prone to have high level of DHEA in their body.