DHEA Menstrual Irregularities Side Effects

Medical science research studies explain that DHEA is not only a steroid hormone in human body, but it also functions as a precursor hormone for other sex hormones, which is a clear indication that DHEA has a significant impact on women’s menstrual cycle. As we are aware that the level of DHEA hormone in human body goes up and down with age and as we grow it decreases by 80% and as a result of that women may suffer with irregular menstrual cycle. Our sex hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and DHEA have a huge role that makes us males and females. On the other hand when the production level of these hormones in females is fluctuated or changed it affect the frequency of their menstrual cycle or periods. Further it may also cause severe side effects such as cramps and irregular flow during the menstrual cycle periods.

DHEA and irregular menstrual cycle side effects relation

Pregnant women and females who are suffering with abnormal menstrual cycle related health issues are advised to avoid DHEA supplements, because when the level of DHEA hormones increase in female’s body, it creates a hormonal imbalance which may cause irregular menstrual cycle and paining sensation during the flow of menstrual cycle.

DHEA hormone’s major function is to create hormonal balance in females body so their other sex hormones like estrogen function properly for other body function and when a patient consume DHEA supplements for the treatment of a particular disease, it causes severe side effects which are related to irregular menstrual cycle.

A doctor’s consultation or physician’s medical help is highly recommended in case you are consuming prescribed DHEA supplements in any form and noticing irregular menstrual cycle. Even though DHEA supplements are used for various diseases treatments but still if you notice any significant symptoms or side effects related to your menstrual cycle, you should immediately seek medical help from your doctor and then carry on with their doses under appropriate guidelines.