DHEA Breast Swelling Side Effects

Reports in scientific literature explains that DHEA supplements are used as a breast enlargement supplement by women and as a results of that it may also cause them severe related side effects such as breast cancer, breast swelling and breast tenderness. Although breast swelling can also occur, because of other health issues and medically known conditions, but still it is a proven fact that DHEA supplement may cause severe side effects like breast tenderness and swelling in women.

DHEA’s relation with breast swelling side effects

Generally DHEA hormone has a functional aspect of a precursor in female’s body for estrogen hormone and there is a strong connection between breast enlargements and estrogen hormone supplements being used for this particular purpose and a result of that it is a known fact that DHEA supplement in creams or injection form used for breast enhancement can cause breast swelling and tenderness like side effects.

Accordingly to medical science reports, it is now discovered that the use of hormones for breast enlargement in women can lead to breast cancer disease and in that scenario DHEA supplements are also included. There was a research study conducted on this subject where few females were supplemented with DHEA doses and they noticed a sudden increase in the DHEA hormone level of their bodies and that resulted into breast swelling and tenderness as side effects of DHEA supplements.

Even though we require more research based scientific studies on the subject of DHEA’s relation with breast swelling and other issues, but still we advise you to completely avoid those breast enlargement creams and supplements which are having DHEA hormones as a main ingredient in them. On the other hand it is also suggested that you should always research more on this subject and seek medical advise and help from your doctor before you intend to consume any type of DHEA supplements for breast enlargement purposes.